Follow Your Passion is Bad Advice

passion Oct 11, 2020

In business there are TONS of things you MUST do that you don’t want to, that you’re not passionate about. The people that tell you to follow your passion are already Rich or don’t know what they’re talking about. 

Build the muscle at being great at the things you’re not passionate about. Do the hard things. That’s where the value is. The value is in being great at doing the things other people won’t or can’t do. 

Get great, and it will become your passion. Confidence is built by knowing that you can do something. Getting positive results from doing the hard things is the HACK. Like cold calling and closing, most don’t have the guts for it. Get great at it, and I’ll see you in First Class.

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Why You're Having Economic Trouble!

economics Oct 09, 2020

9 out of 10 - You're having economic troubles because you're not transacting in great enough volume with margins large enough to sustain your business and/or spending.


 Sales fixes everything. All mistakes, inefficiencies, screw ups and growing pains can be healed via sufficient quantities of transactions.

Quantity can make a bad businessperson look like they have the Midas touch, we've seen it countless times. Want forgiveness for your business sins? Transact in massive quantities so that you can never outspend it. 



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